Day 1

Sponsoring Opening Night at the Shrine

Get the star treatment and be interviewed by Mario Lopez as you walk the red carpet at the iconic Shrine Auditorium.

5.00pm to 7.00pm
Day 3

Tech Talk

Digital Trading: The new wave of Digital Compete and maximizing your efforts

At Tech Talk 4 (I.T. + Analytics + Cyber Security)

9.30am to 9.50am

a Digital Competitive Intelligence Platform



  • Benchmark product offering across retailers
  • Discover gaps in product assortment
  • Deep dive into competitor product positioning strategies
  • Analyze marketplace sellers & behavior


  • MAP monitoring & compliance
  • Benchmark prices for similar products to understand price parity
  • Leverage price trends for competitors to identify pricing strategies


  • Identify customer product discovery opportunities
  • Derive channel optimization strategy
  • Discover trends in promotion positions
  • Discover optimal social channels to promote products


  • Discover trends in promotion positions/advertised attributes
  • Ascertain competitor upsell strategy
  • Explore spend estimates by brands across various media properties
  • Determine optimal promotion types for maximum ROI


  • Detailed insights into influencer marketing
  • Product review and rating analysis
  • Leverage product reviews & ratings for competitive SWOT

Anees Merchant Sr. Vice President
Megha Chaudhry AVP - Marketing and Communication
Nishchay Mathur Sr. Director - Minerva
Jasmeet Sraw Director - Client Services
Minerva as a Digital Competitive Intelligence Platform

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